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Dragonball K: The Unaffiliated Comic Strip

News and Updates

1/13/02 - Wow, where have I been? It's like, wow. New comic? Mother of God...

1/3/02 - Alright, now we're back into the groove. There are two new comics up today, including a extra, extra long comic introducing a new character. I can smell your excitement from here.

1/2/02 - An update? No! Impossible! I refuse to believe it! So it's 2003, and that's just a little weird, but what do you care, you just want to know if there's a new comic, don;t you?! Smug sons of bitches. Well yes, there is, happy now? Assholes always ruining my new year......assholes.

12/26/02 - Merry Christmas! K-Mart is gay and I haven't had any time for updates, but finally here it is: a new comic! And there was much rejoicing...

12/21/02 - So I forgot to update yesterday, what's it to ya? Anyway, I only got one comic done today (damn you K-Mart!), but it's extra long and special (does the second line look funny not extending to the edge? It does to me). I spent last night writing out the next ten comics, and I'm eager to get going. Tomorrow though, time for sleep.

12/19/02 - Well the Android Saga is off to a good start. You'll notice that I didn't cover the Saiyan/Frieza sagas, that's because they sucked, and I don't have any sprites. Yeah, the comic is going to loosely follow the storyline of the anime, but not entirely. Oh, and I started naming comics, instead of just "(Number) Comic", check out Danhan Vs. 18, a personal favorite of mine ;)

12/18/02 - The few people who've seen it so far think it sucks, come on I'm just getting started! These were just a few intro comics to see if I could do it, and lo and behold, I can. So, soon to come: comics containing multiple sprites (I've got hundreds upon hundreds of sprites to use up), more characters, storylines, and probably comedy! I'd like to do a comic today to get the ball rolling, but I have to go see the Two Towers, you understand.

12/17/02 - The site is up! So, you're probably wondering what the hell this thing is. Well, it's a Dragonball Z satire online sprite comic. I use most of my sprites from the SNES Hyper Dimension and Super Butoden games in case anybody cares. Anyway, I put the first two comics up for you to get familiar with things, but I promise something of merit will be up eventually.

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