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Dragonball K: The Unaffiliated Comic
Majin Derek Saga

12/8 - No Great Loss

4/23 - Bad Boy 4 Life!

4/22 - What's the "C" Stand For?

4/22 - A.Ma.N.D.A., Model 18

4/22 - Long Transformation Sequence

4/22 - I Know You!

4/22 - All Just a Terrible, Terrible Dream...

12/25 - Merry X-mas!

12/15 - People Give You Indigestion

12/15 - Important Plot Stuff

12/13 - WTF?

5/2 - Hell's Minions: Round 2?

5/2 - Dannomaru!

5/1 - Majin Derek Wins

5/1 - Retribution

5/1 - The Sword

1/11 - Sneaky Dave

1/2 - Taking a Break

1/2 - Its All Justinku's Fault

1/2 - Must Go Super Saiyan...

1/2 - Dabura's Minions vs. Dave

1/2 - In Desperate Need of Some Training

12/25 - Why Me?

12/25 - The Deep South

12/25 - He is So Evil!

12/24 - The Fight Continues...

7/9 - Now Onto the Evil Stage

7/9 - Jefftenks Needs Help

6/29 - So Many Characters...

6/29 - Too Much Information, Danhan

6/29 - Majin Derek

5/22 - Ressurection!

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Dragonball K: The Unaffiliated Comic Strip

News and Updates

12/8/05 - Boone and Taira MADE me do it. "No Great Loss" - it makes sense, trust me. That really is what's inside androids...hurray for swords!

4/24/05 - Changed the title pic to reflect some of the recent (and soon to be) changes. Mouth watering, no? I plan on "recycling" the old pic if I ever get the News Archives page complete.

4/23/05 - Now there are almost as many characters as loose storylines! Hooray!

4/22/05 - Never thought I'd update again, now did ya? Oh ye of little faith. A brand new random story twist popped into my head while I was showering today. Note to self: showers breed inspiration. Take more showers.

12/25/04 - No trees were actually harmed in the making of this special, non-denominational Christmas comic. I say non-denominational because some people worship Satan, and we don't want to offend them.

12/15/04 - This is what I did instead of study for my exam. That's right. New comics. Fuck yeah.

12/13/04 - New Comic? WTF?

12/9/04 - This is not an update. This is just to say that I cheated and edited a past comic. It makes a lot more sense now...

5/2/04 - I actually added THREE comics yesterday, plus two more today! And yes, I understand I'm splicing anime universes, but this is MY comic, so there. Seriously, rant all you want, I couldn't care less. Go fuck yourself...or read the new comics! Or do both! At the same time! Hooray!

4/30/04 - I made two new comics. No seriously. You can't see them because they're not uploaded yet, but they do exist. Give me a break, I'm at Kirkwood still, geez. It's not my fault they're at home! Lay off asshole!!!......................MY MIND!

1/11/04 - School starts tomorrow, so who knows when the next update will come? I'm gonna try and keep up a regular schedule for once, but I've said that before. This is a very short update. The End.

1/2/04 - Yeah, 2004. Go baby, work what yo' momma gave ya. Did everybody party hard on New Year's? 'Cause I sure didn't. Hit me or Majin Derek up for the boring details. Tres neuvos comics up hoy, y mas to come. Word.

12/25/03 - The Supreme Kai came down from the Other World and said "let there be mo' comics." And lo, there were, and all was good. And then they had punch and pie.

12/24/03 - My new computer is functional (i.e. working mouse), I have a new set of sprites, and the hilarity should be rolling off the presses! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

7/9/03 - Should Dave really be dead? I can't decide. I did just find sprites of Dabura, so maybe he can spend a few comics in south Other World, the deep south...

6/29/03 - Dave is no longer with us...(Insert moment of silence). DBK will never be the same, so I simply killed him off, and replaced him with bigger, stronger new characters! Shit can only get cooler from here.

5/22/03 - The speed of me making comics is adversly proportionate to the god-awful crappiness of my laptop's mouse. *Sigh*

5/17/03 - I finally decided to return to DBK after a long hiatus (my three fans were becoming restless). The site returns with a new look (tables instead of frames) and two new comics! My time is split between this and my Wandermage site, so expect comics whenever I get around to it, which hopefully will be often now that school is out.

1/13/03 - Wow, where have I been? It's like, wow. New comic? Mother of God...

1/3/03 - Alright, now we're back into the groove. There are two new comics up today, including a extra, extra long comic introducing a new character. I can smell your excitement from here.

1/2/03 - An update? No! Impossible! I refuse to believe it! So it's 2003, and that's just a little weird, but what do you care, you just want to know if there's a new comic, don't you?! Smug sons of bitches. Well yes, there is, happy now? Assholes always ruining my new year......assholes.

12/26/02 - Merry Christmas! K-Mart is gay and I haven't had any time for updates, but finally here it is: a new comic! And there was much rejoicing...

12/21/02 - So I forgot to update yesterday, what's it to ya? Anyway, I only got one comic done today (damn you K-Mart!), but it's extra long and special (does the second line look funny not extending to the edge? It does to me). I spent last night writing out the next ten comics, and I'm eager to get going. Tomorrow though, time for sleep.

12/19/02 - Well the Android Saga is off to a good start. You'll notice that I didn't cover the Saiyan/Frieza sagas, that's because they sucked, and I don't have any sprites. Yeah, the comic is going to loosely follow the storyline of the anime, but not entirely. Oh, and I started naming comics, instead of just "(Number) Comic", check out Danhan Vs. 18, a personal favorite of mine ;)

12/18/02 - The few people who've seen it so far think it sucks, come on I'm just getting started! These were just a few intro comics to see if I could do it, and lo and behold, I can. So, soon to come: comics containing multiple sprites (I've got hundreds upon hundreds of sprites to use up), more characters, storylines, and probably comedy! I'd like to do a comic today to get the ball rolling, but I have to go see the Two Towers, you understand.

12/17/02 - The site is up! So, you're probably wondering what the hell this thing is. Well, it's a Dragonball Z satire online sprite comic. I use most of my sprites from the SNES Hyper Dimension and Super Butoden games in case anybody cares. Anyway, I put the first two comics up for you to get familiar with things, but I promise something of merit will be up eventually.

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